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校友关系 & 服务

The bond of 推荐一个买球网站's Brotherhood lasts far beyond the four special years spent inside the hallways of The Prep's campus on Northfield Avenue in West Orange, 新泽西. Our network consists of over 15,000 Prep alumni whose talents are utilized all over the world. SHP's 校友 Association strives to keep you connected to what's going on at The Prep, while offering many services that we hope keep you engaged and proud to be an alumnus of our fine institution. 

This page provides a space that highlights what we have to offer our alumni. 年度事件, 类团聚, 网上买球十大正规平台的专属社交网站, 你可以在这里找到所有的社交媒体渠道, 以及校友更新表格,用于更改电子邮件, address, 职称, 等. 

We hope that this can serve as another avenue where you can reconnect with your Alma Mater, 与所有准备功能保持同步, and ensure you're receiving our newsletter and all other relevant information that we send out to you through email blasts and mailings. 

Please remember those alumni who have recently passed on before us in your prayers. 查看网上买球十大正规平台的 在这里的纪念页面,并联络校友关系主任 & 数字媒体PJ 坎: pcandido@shp.Org,如果你想添加校友到列表中.

支持 & 加强准备

The continuing challenge of every school is not only to educate students, but to open their minds and to nurture a passion for knowledge. 推荐一个买球网站 takes the further step of seeking to awaken and strengthen students’ beliefs, 价值观与信仰. 在准备阶段, 学生发展心智, 的身体, 和灵魂, defining themselves as individuals in a pluralistic society.

校友的慷慨支持, 父母, and friends has enabled the Prep to uphold its tradition of excellence for over 150 years. Annual and capital gifts help to attract outstanding faculty, 设置具有挑战性的课程, 提供一流的学习资源, 维护和改善设施, and bring the Prep within financial reach to qualified students who otherwise couldn’t afford a 推荐一个买球网站 education.

Fundraising and "friend-raising" activities that are held throughout the year help to strengthen ties and raise 推荐一个买球网站’s visibility within 新泽西, while raising essential funds to help the Prep meet the intellectual, 物理, 每个学生的社会和精神需求.
LinkedIn is The Prep's exclusive alumni networking website group, where graduates can foster relationships and exchange career advice among their peers. This group is geared toward offering our alumni news and updates relating to the school and alumni. Be encouraged to share such news via email to PJ 坎 '11 at pcandido@shp.或詹姆斯·博伊尔(詹姆斯 博伊尔)的Jboyle@shp.这对你来说可能不是头条新闻, but many of your classmates are eager to know how you are doing.

参与, spread the word and engage in professional networking activities with the many 校友 who have joined our group. 


请填妥校友资料更新表格(下面) so that our database of alumni records is as accurate as possible.

Updating your email address ensures you receive our alumni newsletter, event invitations and more. Updating your mailing address also ensures that you receive mailings both from the alumni office and the school. Job updates help us compile the most extensive  networking lists, which help both fellow alumni and current students who are looking to connect and learn more about their respective fields of study. 

如果你不想被列入名单, 但仍然希望你的记录准确无误, please indicate so in the appropriate section on the form 下面 (option #6).


If you are unable to attend 推荐一个买球网站 functions in person, 网上买球十大正规平台的社交媒体应该会报道你的. 免费订阅 YouTube 在预科学校保持消息灵通. 内容包括体育比赛, 每日SHP活动的直播, 每月回顾视频和更多! 

如果你在社交媒体上, follow SHP's main account at @SetonHallPrep on 脸谱网, 推特, Instagram和LinkedIn. To follow our athletic's account, check out @SHP_体育运动 on 脸谱网, Instagram and 推特.



  • 詹姆斯·博伊尔摄

    Mr. 詹姆斯 博伊尔 

    (973) 736-6861
  • PJ 坎的照片

    Mr. PJ 坎 11

    (973) 325-6634
  • 朱迪·冈恩摄

    夫人. 朱迪 耿氏 

    (973) 325-6633
  • 约翰·弗拉德照片

    约翰 洪水 18

  • 艾莉森·杜达摄

    夫人. 埃里森 杜达 

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